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It’s best to apply Bio-Clean when drains won’t be used for 6 to 8 hours. (at bedtime for example) Apply Bio-Clean to each drain for 5 consecutive days to clean the drain and then use once per month as maintenance. Mixing Bio-Clean with warm water works best.

Dosage Rates (scoop inside can is 1 tablespoon)

Sink / Bath Tub / Shower -1 tablespoon of BC mixed with 1 pint water

Floor Drain – 3 Tablespoons of BC mixed with 3 pints water

Garbage Disposal – 1 Tablespoon BC mixed with 1 pint  water (while pouring into disposal turn on and quickly shut off so mixture gets thrown onto side walls where food particles accumulate)

Toilets – 2 Tablespoons BC mixed with 2 pints water. (Pour mixture into bowl. Then add 1 quart of warm water to the bowl to push some of the mixture through the trap and into the sewer line. Do not flush for several hours.

Septic Tank / Cesspool – Mix 2lbs of BC with 4 gallons of water. Add mixture directly to tank. If you cannot access the tank flush down toilet closest to the tank.

Maintenance dosage – Flush 1 cup of BC per month down toilet. (This is not needed if drains are being treated monthly)

Drain Field – Mix 1lb of BC with 2 gallons of water for every 50 feet of drain field line. Apply directly to drain field through distribution box, vent pipes or clean out. Repeat the above dosage at 3 week intervals until 3 – 6 cans have been used.

RV’s & Boats – After first use of toilet add 2 tablespoons of BC. If odor is noticed between dumps, add 1 tablespoon

Grey Water Tanks – After first use mix 2 tablespoons of BC with 2 pints of water and pour into shower drain.

Cat Box Odors – With every litter change sprinkle a thin layer of BC on the bottom of the pan, add kitty litter, then sprinkle a thin layer on top.

Outhouse – Mix ½ lb of BC with 1 gallon of water and pour on waste once per month.

Sewage Spill – Sprinkle a thin layer of BC on top and keep moist until waste is gone. Large spills may require several cans.

Grease Trap – Mix 1 can of BC with 2 gallons of water and add directly to trap or pour down drain leading to trap.

Maintenance - For Traps 0 to 500 gallons add ½ cup of BC mixed with 1 gallon of water to a drain leading to trap everyday. For traps larger then 500 gallons use 1 cup of BC mixed with 1 gallon of water every day. (Ask about our 25lb bucket for commercial use)

Multi Story Buildings – In commercial buildings such as an apartment complex start by treating the drains on the lowest floor first. Complete the 5 day purge of all the drains on the lowest floor then move up to the next floor and start a 5 day purge on that floor. Keep moving up a floor after each 5 day purge until all the floors in the building have been treated. We do the treatments this way so if during the treatment process a chunk of waste breaks free from the sidewall of the plumbing it will fall down through pipes that have already been cleaned making a back-up or blockage less likely to happen. If a blockage does occur try plunging the drain to push the loose material through. This is rare but also a good sign that the organisms in Bio-Clean are working.

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