What Not to Put Down your Drain This Summer


After all the picnics, Barbecues, and cookouts this summer, you can count on having leftovers and other disposables that you aren’t sure what to do with. Your first thought might be to get rid of them by putting them down the garbage disposal.

However, this can lead to big problems! You may even need to call your emergency plumber in Riverside at Daniel’s Plumbing to help you repair your clogged or broken garbage disposal after the damage is done.

Potato Peels

Ah, Potato Salad: a staple of picnics, cookouts, and barbeques across the country. Whether you make yours with mayonnaise or vinegar and include shallots or green beans, what’s certain is you will be left with A LOT of potato peels when you’re done cooking.

Potato peels should never be sent down the garbage disposal! Starchy materials such as these can stick to your drain walls, causing problems like stopping up your disposal’s drainage system. Don’t take any chances and throw those potato peels in the trash!

Egg Shells

Another popular summertime food is egg salad. Eggs are also used in many other summer dishes, such as deviled egg appetizers or cupcakes and brownies.

Many people believe the myth that eggshells are safe to put in the disposal; some even think they help sharpen the blades! In fact, when the shells are ground, the tiny particles can stick together and clog your disposal and pipes.

Corn Husks

What says “Summer BBQ” more clearly than a bright yellow ear of corn on the cob? Munching on corn is great; just be sure not to put any husks down the drain! The reason is they are too fibrous and can create clogs easily.

As a general rule, putting anything fibrous down the disposal probably means a call to your emergency plumber in Riverside. Examples include banana peels, carrots, and celery.


Summer is salad season and with all your wonderful salad creations, you may well be left with wilted leftovers that you are tempted to put down the disposal. Don’t! Not only can lettuce leaves be tough to chop, but when you try to wash them away they create a gooey, green slime which is very unpleasant. Try to compost your lettuce scraps or else throw them away.


During summer vacation time, many people enjoy the opportunity to redecorate. This can include many types of painting.

Paint might seem like an innocent thing to pour down the drain because it’s a liquid; in reality, it’s quite dangerous for your disposal because of all the chemicals involved. It can cause problems in your pipes, your septic system, and your well (if you happen to live above a well!)

To properly dispose of the paint you don’t need, leave the cover off the bucket to let it dry out and harden, then throw it out.


It’s inevitable: every party ends with the host collecting piles of trash. It’s easier than you would think to accidentally put trash in the garbage disposal. Of the randomly dropped items that have ended with a call to the emergency plumber in Riverside, one of the most common is loose change: A nickel will jam the system, whereas a dime will “sound like a rocket ship taking off.”
If there is any doubt in your mind about whether an item should go in the disposal, just throw it in the trash to be safe.

Bonus: Definitely Try Putting These in your Garbage Disposal

Citrus Rinds

Small sections of citrus fruits do a lot of good, and no harm, to your disposal. Not only are they natural cleansers, but they leave your drain smelling fresh. Choose any citrus fruits you like, and make sure to include the peels.

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