Top Plumbing Problems You Shouldn’t Try to Fix Yourself

When your pipes spring a leak, your initial reaction may be to try and fix the problem yourself. And while some plumbing issues can be solved with a quick repair, it is likely sending you the warning signs of a much bigger problem. When you are dealing with consistent water leakage or clogs, it may be time to seek emergency plumbing in Riverside.

Before you whip out your DIY tools, our friendly professionals at Daniel’s Plumbing want to give you insight on the top plumbing problems you shouldn’t try to fix yourself. That way, you can understand when it’s appropriate for you to apply your own solution, or when you need to seek a professional.

1. Damage to Your Water Line

Your water line can suffer damage for a variety of different reasons. And when that happens, it might be best to call for emergency plumbing in Riverside. If you try to fix it yourself, you may be ignoring the rest of the water line. Quick fixes to this plumbing issue can make way for even bigger problems down the road.

Water line damage is too serious for a DIY approach. Instead, you should contact your plumber right away. You might notice that damage to your water line is being sustained if you are experiencing large pools of water or consistent leaks.

2. Lowered Water Pressure

If you just can’t get your sink or shower to give water as powerfully as you would like, you may be thinking about an issue with a clogged drain. But any kind of problem relating to water pressure can be dangerous. It’s annoying to have to deal with no pressure, as it can make for a poor excuse for a shower. However, you might not have the tools or knowledge necessary to properly address the situation. Instead, you should get in contact with your local emergency plumber to help you get your showers back up and running ASAP.

3. Frozen Water Pipes

Depending on where you live, you might experience some frozen pipes from time to time. This can happen when the weather gets very cold in a very short amount of time. Frozen pipes can be costly to repair, especially if you take a DIY approach. So before getting your hands wet – and frozen – consider going with emergency plumbing in Riverside by contacting a professional.

The same goes for clogged pipes. Whether they are frozen or expanded due to heat, it’s best to just leave them alone until the handymen arrive. Even if you are experienced with replacing pipes, you may not be addressing a larger issue at hand, which can just cost you more unnecessary expenses for repairs down the road.

4. New Water Heater Installation

When you buy a brand-new water heater, do not install it by yourself. Even if you have installed one in the past, it truly does require the touch of a professional to get the job done right. Plus, some electric water heaters output large amounts of electricity, so if you make a mistake during the installation process you might be faced with quite a nasty shock. You also want to avoid potentially fatal gas leaks!

Emergency Plumbing in Riverside

From leaky pipes to busted drains, there are a lot of reasons why you may need a good plumbing service in your home. But instead of whipping out your tools and trying to use your own homemade band-aid, it might be easier – and cheaper – for you to call in the pros. Daniel’s Plumbing is a premier source for professional plumbing repairs and installation. For more information, contact us online or give us a call at (951) 202-8703!


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