Going on Vacation? Double Check This Plumbing Checklist

Heading out of town for vacation means that there are a lot of double and triple checks that need to be done to insure a plumbing malfunction doesn’t ruin your vacation from miles away. While making sure all of the lights are off and thermostats are set properly is important, there are additional checklist items regarding your plumbing that are equally as crucial. If you have a significant issue with your plumbing or need emergency plumbing in Riverside, contact the experts at Daniel’s Plumbing today.

Do a Sweep of the Entire Space

To ensure that no areas of the home are overlooked, make sure to do a sweep of the entire space before addressing any issues- unless they are urgent of course. The last thing you want is to be rushed working on a leaky faucet only to have skipped checking on the bathrooms and sprinklers before heading out the door. To avoid any major plumbing issues that could have been prevented with the proper attention, make sure to carve out time to properly assess all areas of your home. If you do find any serious issues, make sure to contact Daniel’s Plumbing for emergency plumbing in Riverside.

Consider Your Water Needs

Based on everything from how long your trip will be to which plants will need to be watered while you are gone, it is important to consider your water needs before leaving for vacation. For example, many vacation goers opt to shut off their main water value since it is an effective preventative measure for major water/property damage. However, if you have plants that need to be watered, toilets that need to run, or showers and sinks to work while you are away, then shutting off the main water valve is not a good idea for your situation.

Check the Water Heater

Did you know that many water heaters have a low or vacation mode on them? Well, they do! This helps conserve the amount of energy that it uses while not stopping its operation entirely. It will also be beneficial for you to check the water heater at this time for any leaks or potential issues (i.e. corrosion).

Ask a Friend or Neighbor to Keep an Eye on Your Home

Especially if you are going on vacation for an extended period of time, particularly over a week, it can be extremely helpful to have a friend or neighbor keep an eye on your house. Aside from helping you water your plants and pick up your mail, they will also be able to take care of any leaky toilets or sprung faucets while you were away. If a major plumbing issue does happen while you are away, make sure that they have the number to Daniel’s Plumbing.

Emergency Plumbing in Riverside

Going on vacation is your much-deserved time to relax and unwind, so make sure that you can enjoy it in its entirely by using this plumbing checklist before you leave. And if you find a plumbing issue before you leave, or something suddenly happens while you are away, use Daniel’s Plumbing to ensure that your home is taken care of without interrupting your vacation plans. For more information on emergency plumbing in Riverside, contact our team today.


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